DiMe server

Version 1.0

This project is maintained by HIIT

Digital Me server

The idea of the Digital Me (DiMe) server is to collect your personal data from various loggers into a central place that you control. You can run DiMe in your local machine or in a dedicated server. The DiMe server source code is open source software distributed under the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) Version 3.

You can start collecting your personal data in two steps:

  1. Install the DiMe server on your own machine. See below for installation instructions.
  2. Install one or more loggers which collect different aspects of your life and log them to your own DiMe server. The most important available loggers are listed below.

The Digital Me software was developed in the Re:Know research project, which aimed to create information-seeking and sense-making methods supporting future knowledge work.

DiMe loggers

Desktop logger

A general desktop logger that logs documents opened on your computer, such as PDFs, text files and Office documents.
Download: Mac

Web logger (browser extensions)

A web browser extension that logs web pages that you visit.
Download: Firefox | Chrome | Safari

PeyeDF - PDF logger

While the desktop logger also logs PDF documents, it does not know exactly what parts you are reading. If you need that information you can use the PeyeDF PDF reader, which logs the exact areas of the PDFs that you have displayed. If you have an eye tracker it can also track what parts you have actually read. PeyeDF is only available for Mac OS X.
Download: Mac


December 5, 2017: version 1.0 released

New features and improvements include:

October 31, 2017: version 0.3.0 released

New features and improvements include:

November 30, 2016: version 0.2.0 released

New features and improvements include:

June 30, 2016: version 0.1.2 released

New features and improvements include:

Installing and running

The only requirement for running DiMe server is Java JRE version 8 or above.

Download the ZIP file and unzip the package. Next, for Mac OS X and Linux, open a terminal window and change to this directory, and run:


or for Windows systems you can double-click the run-dime.bat file.

It will take a few seconds to start up, once you see the message "Started Application in X seconds" you can access your DiMe dashboard by opening a web browser and going to the address: http://localhost:8080/

This is the DiMe server that runs completely on your own computer!

The first step is to create an account for yourself by clicking on "Register a new account." After this you can log in. Unfortunately your DiMe will be empty, so the next step is to start logging, by installing one of the DiMe loggers. You can find a list above.

Starting automatically

If you want DiMe to start automatically the next time you restart your computer, you can run the installer script in this directory:


This will install DiMe into the folder ~/.dime and set up autostarting for supported operating systems. Currently we support Mac OS X, and Linux systems running an XDG compliant desktop or systemd.

After installing autorun you may remove the unzipped directory if you wish (since DiMe is now installed in ~/.dime).

The installer script will output the command needed to undo the install operation for your system.